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Documentation & Help Solutions

Custom Technologies Group offers online documentation and compiled help solutions for application support, knowledge stores and other information management solutions. We can compile all of your documents into chapter-based, searchable help file solutions that can be implemented locally or online. We also offer enterprise-level, knowledge management solutions for online knowledge stores and data respositories.

Compiled Help Solutions

Custom Technologies Group can take your documentation files and turn them into chapter-based, fully indexed and searchable, compiled help solutions. Whether intended as a help file for a specific application, a policy manual for a particular department or organizational unit, or an instructional manual for an internal process, compiled help solutions can give your customers and employees quicker access to the information they need to operate more effectively.

Compiled help solutions can include a table-of-contents, a key-word and key-phrase index, a glossary of terminology, internal cross-references and a search utility to make finding information quick and easy. Compiled help solutions are also available in a number of different formats. You can request your documentation be output to a single compiled help file (in CHM or HLP format), as a Adobe PDF manual (in PDF format), as a Visual Studio Help File (in HXS format), as a Word document (in DOC format), or as a stand-alone Windows eBook (in EXE format). You can also have your documentation output to web pages (in HTML format) for inclusion in your Intranet or Internet web site.

As the volume of knowledge and information grows, managing your documentation files and providing access to those files, to the appropriate audience, becomes more and more difficult. It also becomes increasingly difficult for your customers and employees to find and access the information they need. Compiled help solutions are an effective way to manage your organizational knowledge and information, and make it available, in an easy to use format, to the appropriate target audience.

Knowledge Management Solutions

If you have an extraordinarily large amount of data, or if you want to create an online knowledge repository to include documentation files, user manuals, source code, policy and procedure manuals, etc., or if you need to restrict access to certain sub-sets of data; then you may need more than a compiled help solution. You might need an enterprise-level, online knowledge base solution.

The online knowledge management system offered by Custom Technologies Group is one of the most sophisticated, functional data repository solutions available. With it, you can create your own online data repository, group and organize your company's intellectual data, post articles and related documentation files, and search your online repository from anywhere in the world. Contact a sales representative for an online demonstration.