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Database Engineering & Administration

Proper database engineering and administration strategies are key factors in the success of any business application. Inversely, selecting the wrong database (DBMS) or implementing poor or ineffective database architectures, can be very costly in terms of longer project timelines, increased overhead costs and development efforts, increased support and maintenance costs and overall poorer performance.

Custom Technologies Group has over 15 years of experience in database design, and has successfully implemented technology solutions using over half a dozen of the leading database technologies, including Microsoft Access and SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Anywhere, and more. The staff at Custom Technologies Group has also worked on some of the most complicated and sophisticated database solutions ever implemented, including:

  • The proof and balance system used by one of the largest processing companies of debit and credit card transactions in the country
  • The first successful online ordering system specifically designed for the food and beverage industry
  • A feed management program for the dairy industry, available in ten languages, used by an estimated 20,000 people and organizations on every continent except Africa
  • Published Application Development and Database Engineering Standards for the US Navy FMSO

Do not waste your time and money on short-cut solutions and ineffective database strategies. The result will be years of headache and frustration. When it is time to design your next database solution, make sure your project gets done right the first time. Custom Technologies Group has a proven track-record for providing effective database engineering and administration services.

Custom Technologies Group also offers both on-site and off-site backup and storage. We can assist you in making sure your organizational data is safe and secure by assessing and implementing on-site backup and retrieval services for your crucial information. If your organization has mission critical information that you need to store off-site in the event of an emergency, we also offer online data stores and data replication services.