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Email Hosting Services

Custom Technologies Group provides comprehensive, full-service hosting services to meet any business or organizational need. Our email hosting services utilize state-of-the-art servers and the latest technologies to provide superior quality, reliable service. Whether you have a personalized domain name or not, we can host your personal and business email accounts.

Our hosting serivce provides email access through POP3, IMAP and HTTP services. You can access your email accounts using standard email applications, like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, or through our web interface. From 1 to 100 accounts, Custom Technologies Group offers reliable hosting for your business or personal email accounts.


If you have a hosted domain name, we also offer domain-level access to your email hosting environment through an administrative web site where you can create, manage and remove accounts from your email service. The email administration utility is integrated directly into your email web interface, so its easy to access and use. From the email administration web site, you can create and manage your email accounts, assign aliases, limit mailbox sizes and establish authorization protocols. You can also create newsgroup and multi-access mailboxes, whitelists, blacklists and anti-spam restrictions. You can set up delivery restrictions, limiting the size and type of files accepted by your email service.

If you are looking to host your business email accounts, this administration tool will give you many of the same features as common enterprise email software packages. The difference is, this administration tool is actually easy to use. With it, you can manage one or more domain email accounts without a lot of effort or technical training.

Domain Management

We take all of the effort out of hosting. For each web site or email hosting service, Custom Technologies Group also handles any necessary domain transfers, Internet routing issues or other technical setup issues that may arise in establishing the prescribed hosting service. We will manage each aspect of the hosting service, so you can focus on more important issues... your business.

Backup & Recovery

Custom Technologies Group takes every procaution to protect the investment of our clients. Our customers rest easy knowing their email data is routinely backed-up in the event of an outage or catastrophe. All data stored on our hosting environment is backed-up and stored off-site in a secured location.